maandag 20 februari 2017

Musical Monday: 5x Dutch

Since I am to become a Dutch teacher and I love music I work a lot with Dutch music in my classes. When thinking about Dutch music I used to think it was a lot of horrible André Hazes, Frans Bauer, Gordon music. But that doesn't have to be the case. So I thought maybe I'd give some of you sceptics a little list of my favorites to make sure you remember the Dutch greats as well. This time, Dutch music from Dutchies. English music from Dutchies will be a possibility for some time later.

Doe Maar - De Bom

I think I have known Doe Maar for all of my life. But I only started noticing them when their music was being covered. Do you remember that Def Rhymz version of De Bom? That dude was crazy, but I loved the song. I still do, but I like the original a lot better. Doe Maar is great. All of Doe Maar.
For those who don't know Doe Maar. They're a Dutch (duh) group that got enormously successful during the '70s and '80s. So successful they started to dislike it. There was a true Doe Maar-mania with girls screaming and fainting, a lot of paparazzi and businessmen profiting with merchandise. First putting in a press-stop, they eventually stopped altogether.

Abel - Onderweg

In my memory this song was suddenly there. This group was unknown. And then, after the succes of this song, they disappeared to be never seen again. Wikipedia tells the story a little bit different. But basically Abel is onderweg and nothing much else.
I have to admit: I still know this song by heart.

Diggy Dex ft. Paul de Munnik - Laten we dansen

I have featured this song before. I still love it. I found it when searching a song with a little poetic lyrics to discuss about the poetic value of lyrics with my students. YouTube is limiting which video's I can show on my blog, thus a live version for here. The music video is worth the watch as well.

De jeugd van tegenwoordig - Sterrenstof

Yes, once again I wasn't able to share you a music video. Instead, please just close your eyes or take the effort to find the song on your own wherever you like.  De jeugd van tegenwoordig is the group that got more of less famous with their song Watskeburt?! which isn't an official Dutch word, but still translatable to 'What happend?' or 'W.T.F.?!'. Somewhere in between, get it? I like this song better, though I don't understand a word they are singing. Maybe it's more BECAUSE I don't understand a word they are singing. It sounds a lot like associations, but it also sounds very sweet. 

Klein Orkest - Over de muur

This song is about the Berlin wall. The lyrics are so strong it always touches me. It tells about the differences between east and west, showing the the good, the bad and the ugly. Key is the fact that only birds are able to visit both parts of the city (because they sometimes which to be in the west, sometimes in the east). 

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