maandag 9 januari 2017

Musical Monday: 5x Girl groups

It has taken me some time, but I warned ya'll. 5x Boybands was some time before. This months it's girlpower. :)

Spice Girls - Who do you think you are

I loved the Backstreet Boys, I wanted to be the Spice Girls. Posh Spice was my favorite. I have no idea why. Maybe because she was the least slutty one. A little sad that Victoria never seemed to be able to actually sing as well. 

TLC - No Scrubs

There was a brief moment I loved TLC. I somehow think I wasn't alone, both in the loving and in the fact that it was only a brief moment. I have no idea what happened to the ladies, apart from Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopez dying a few years back. For me TLC, and especially No Scrubs is one of the best '90s songs, although I always seem to be in doubt weather scrub is a real word or not. 

Destiny's Child - Bug a Boo

Yes, youngsters, there was a time when Beyoncé wasn't one of the greatest singers of the century. Though part of a girl group, she did always take the spotlights. I believe there are only a few shots in which she isn't in the middle. I also believe there are only a few songs in which she doesn't have the majority of the lyrics. But apart from that, Destiny's Child always was amazing. There they were, three, strong and independent women who could sing and dance and made joyous, strong (and independent) music. O, I adored them. I still remember an interview I read in which they talked about how overjoyed they where when they were invited to Whitney Houstons birthday party. I believe, in the end Whitney Houston must have been thrilled if she were invited to Beyoncés events. 

The Supremes - Baby Love

Yes, I do love the '90s. But no, not all girlgroups are from the ninetees. You know, girls know how to make fun for centuries. And three of these gals were The Supremes. You know, the group around Diana Ross. Yes, one of the girls taking the spotlights isn't something new either. In fact, the groups name at one point even was Diana Ross & the Supremes, even though Diana always had been a Supreme herself.
Though, I do love me some supremely sumpreming Supremes. 

Sugababes - Round Round

The Sugababes were a good example of a group surviving a replacement. Like many thrown together groups (although Mutya and Siobhán decided to work together from the start) rivalries and fights broke them apart when Siobhán left the group. They then found ex-Atomic Kitten member Heidi Range as her replacement with whom they continued their succes.
These girls were tough British ladies who couldn't sing if their lived depended on it. I never really cared.  

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