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Musical Monday: 5x boybands

In our kitchen, at work, we have a radio turned on most of the time. It's tuned to radio 538. It gives us some energy to go through the day, it's food for talk, but also fills the silent moments when nothing is said. Last week they had a boy/girlband chartlist. I am affraid I have to say I was able to sing along with almost all songs. I had such a blast and I have been happy the entire evening, even though, you know, it's a kitchen and there usually is a lot of shouting and grumbling going on during rush. I thought I'd share in the fun/annoy you with my favorite 5 boyband songs and maybe, in the future some girlbands too.

I have to admit, boybands have a bad name. And for good reason. Damn, they're cheesy and there is little musical quality to be found. But....there is a lot of nostalgia for me in their music. It all started with the Backstreet Boys. I know, I've been talkin' about them way to much, but I actually still love their music. Most of them, because that music is just so familiar. It's grown to be a part of me. Not just my past. Their most known songs are the ones I like less. They're so slow, so cheesy, so depressing.... But (yes, there actually is a but in here), like my mother once told me: every CD has a slow song, even the roughest ones this works the other way around as well. Even the most cheesy, vomit-triggering boyband CD has an uptempo song on there. And sometimes even more than one. And these songs are THE BEST. Larger than life is one that made it into a single. The video has a lot of dancing, which is great. So yeah, one of the good ones.

Five learned me how to spell 5 in English. I would never remember if it was five of vife (maybe because vife would be more logical in Dutch?), but I never made that mistake after wring a 5 instead of a f in my schoolwork, you know, in little drawn hearts and stuff. You know, as a teenage girl, one of those boys should be your favorite and the one you fall in love with. I was always indecisive with 5ive, though I settled on Scott. I have no idea why. Back then I already thought his head was to small for his body and he never seemed to sing a single line.
5ive was a boyband with an edge. They're the tough ones. In a documentary I once saw about them, they said that this is what made them great, but also what brought them down in the end. I have to say, after watching that docu, I had a whole new level of respect for those men.
Everybody get up is great. I mean, it has funk and I still love it. Get up for a 3 minute danceparty. :)

Westlife - Uptown girl
I am a little ashamed to say that Westlife has decorated the walls of my girly room for a brief period as well. Yes, Westlife. I was affraid I was not going to find a good song to give you at least a little bearable three minutes. But then I remembered uptown girl. It's a bit cheating. I didn't like the song at the time. I started to dislike Westlife a bit when this song was a hit. I disliked the fact they so shamelessly took a song (by Billy Joel) and did little to nothing to make it their own. Just sang a little, goofed around in the video and leaned back to earn the big bucks. Yes, maybe I still feel a bit like this. But the song is good, thanks to Joel. And it's better than the 'kattengejammer' all the other Westlife songs are. Besides, I woudn't want anyone to notice I can still sing every word to those songs. 

I have never, ever, been a fan of 'N Sync. I have never, ever, had a crush on Justin Timberlake. But 'N sync is a thing. And Justin is one of the few boybandboy gone solo to actually be succesful, for which he must have earned an award of a medal or something. I have, actually, loved this song since, like, forever.
Seriously, it's uptempo and it is the opposite of those "oh I love you so, let's be together forever' lyrics  that basically say 'let's drool a little and then shoot ourselves because our love is so depressing' that boybands define. So yes, 'N Sync. 

Some might say that a boyband has 'untalented' somewhere in it's definition. Though, that's not always the case. According to almighty Wikipedia Jackson 5 is one of the early boybands. 5 boys, all singing and dancing and a bunch of screaming teenage girls. Maybe Wikipedia is right on this one.
I love the Jackson 5, from the time Michael's singing should have been considered child labor, 'till the time Michael started on his own (and started to become a white man). I love Blame it on the boogie because you can hear Michael like he sounded as a grown up. And because it's such a disco classic. Everybody get up, yes, another 3-minute danceparty. 

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