maandag 16 februari 2015

Musical Monday: 5x Loooooove

It's been valentine's day. I don't care enough about the day to care that today it's the 16th, but if you talk about music, there is little to talk about if you avoid talking about love at some point. I am not a big fan of the love songs. Mostly because loads of them are tearjerking, wristcutting-slow, which I obviously do not like so much. So let's see if we can come to 5 that are actually nice.

The Beach Boys - God Only Knows

Yes I know, I am getting predictable. I promise I won't put The Beach Boys in all of these lists. But, this song is actually one that I LOVE, even though it's very slow. It's not even a very Beach Boyisch song. But is it a very good song. And a lot of people seem to agree with me, because it was really high in the Radio 2 Top 2000 last year. :) 

Michael Jackson & Justin Timberlake - Love Never Felt So Good

I think Michael Jackson was the only one who was every really good at singing love songs. I don't know why exactly, but when you say love song, I think Michael. Maybe because he started to young doing so, and so true and good too. (it;s easy as 1-2-3, baby, you and me). Yet, if I have to choose, this one would be the best, because it's happy. And you know what, it should be. Because being in love isn't said. It makes you feel GOOD!

Sam Sparrow - Black and Gold

I don't exactly remember where I got this song from, or Sam's entire album, but a while back I did this 30 day music challenge and I answered that this was my favorite love song. It sure is uptempo, and the lyrics are so sweet. 

Peggy Lee - Fever

This actually is one of my favorite songs. Period. And lucky for this list, it's a love song as well which makes this list better right away. This song one of those songs that keeps being sung, by various artists. Peggy's version is best known, and in turn it's her best known song as well. Other people who did this song are Elvis Presley, James Brown, Boney M, Michael Bublé and Beyoncé. 

Nina Simone - My Baby Just Cares For Me

Nina is always a good choice for any romantic evening. I think this is one of the most romantic ones. Apparently a Chanel no. 5 commercial made sure there was a Simone-renaissance, releasing the song as a single a little late. But it's a good video. And a good song, catchy, Jazzy. It is apparently a real jazz-standard. 

Are you in the mood now, for a festive second valentines? I mean, it's 2015, the year to do things right! :)
What is your favorite love song? Is it slow, so good for slowdancing? And is that why you love it? Or do you like to celebrate love like I do? 

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