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Musical Monday: 5x all the pretty ladies

Do you know these songs that go on and on about a certain lady? And they even tell you her name? It's fun if it is your name (unless it's Roxanne), but I somehow find it a bit weird. Who is she? Why her? Well, today 5 times my favorite girls I don't know.

Buddy Holly & the Crickets - Peggy Sue

I have to admit, I know a little bit more about Peggy Sue. Because, you know, there are actually 2 songs about her. Peggy Sue got married, you know. And there is actually a movie all about her, that is quite amusing.
Buddy Holly is still my most favorite singing nerd, and Peggy Sue is one of his best songs. So yes, he and his Peggy Sue deserve a place in this list.

The Beach Boys - Barbara Ann 

WARNING: This video version is live, you may want to search for a studio version to avoid high pitched girl screams. 

Tried Peggy Sue, but I knew she wouldn't do. Barbara Ann..

I have no idea who would name their child Barbara Ann, but it does make a very good, very Rock 'n Roll song. I have been listening to the Beach Boys a lot lately, and I have only very recently come to notice what they are actually singing in this song. :) But it is a fun one. 

Louis Armstrong - Chloe

Chloe (song of the swamp) is a song composed in 1927 and ever since performed by a whole lot of great artists. Since I love Louis Armstrong, I chose his version. Also because his version actually has vocals and the one performed by Duke Ellington of Benny Goodman are instrumental, and that would kind of be sorry in the light of this list, as would the versions sung by a woman. A man, looking anywhere and everywhere for his Chloe is that more romantic. The song is now considered as one of the Jazz classics. 

Oh and ps. those lyrics really do remind me of the book We're going on a bear hunt

Falco - Jeanny

Alright, this isn't really a very romantic song. Or maybe it is. I do not know exactly how to call it. But Jeanny IS about love (or obsession) and the way love becomes creepy (and somewhat more interesting from a a certain viewing point). Let's just say, love is complicated, and loving Jeanny is even more so.

Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby

Let it never be said, that romance is dead
Cause there's so little else occupying my head

Awww, no THAT is cute. Ruby doesn't really seem to be loving anyone back. But that doesn't have to mean that loving her isn't real. You know that feeling when you get happy only saying that person
s name? RubyRubyRubyRuby

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