maandag 2 juni 2014

Musical Monday; Soundtrack of my life V

The last one. Music I listened when first living on my own, dropped out of college, felt terribly lovely and in the end met the love of my life.

First things first. The period I dropped out of college and felt lonely, despite the full-time job I got with a few very nice colleagues. I spend a lot of time behind the internet, surfing and chatting on fora, where I met some very special people. In the beginning I was buisy a lot with the beautiful world of the Lord of the Rings. And of course, that calls for some music too.

This song is sung by Emiliana Torrini. Someone who I've later come to like for her own music as well. The song is from the last movie, The Return of the King, the only one from the trilogy I saw in the theater, because I was busy reading the books first.

Then I met some people who listened to a whole lot of different music than I did. And somehow I thought; you can learn to listen to any music, as long as you listen to it often enough and don't start with extremes. So I got myself into rock and found some bands that were a little different than the pop-kind of rock and that I liked. One of them was Nine Inch Nails, who are not so mainstream, weird and dark, which was exactly what I was looking for at the moment.

I shall spare you the rest, which were often vulgar, though I did not really listen to the lyrics that much. And I have to be perfectly honest, this is music I can only stand now for 'nostalgic' reasons nowadays. I have to search them on youtube if I'd like a listen. I don't, or at least not very often.

But, not all was dark. There were a few albums I loved too, that were not in this electro-rock or gothic style, that I actually was a lot more comfortable about listening too. During this time in my life I developed a huge admiration for Björk. Yes, she is somewhat strange and maybe not as mainstream as I just let you believe, but she is an actual music genius.

So then, I met my boyfriend, and well actually a little before I told myself to find something more cheerful in my life and not listen to such depressing music (to be fair, I still listened to fado's and flamenco's too, and while very beautiful they aren't as cheerful as I might have needed). It helps to have someone who both makes you happy and introduces you to some new music that is a little brighter than the suicide-rock I used to listen to. 

When I first met Lief, he drove a white Citroën AX, in which we spend much time traveling between my home and mine and his parents, and then again a little more when we moved to Vroenhoven (Belgium, near the Maastricht border). He had the soundtrack of Grey's anatomy in his CD player. Yes, really. Inara George's Fools In Love was one of the songs on it, and damn I felt very much in love every time I heard is (or actually, I maybe still do). It's such a gentile song and very lovable. It might also demonstrate Liefs kindness. He too is very gentile and lovable. :)

Then, living together we had to put up with each others music. ;) No, surprisingly (or maybe not), we have a rather similar taste in music. Not all of it, but a lot. Though we have evolved, both  together and separately. So now a song that remind me of this first year together. 

This is Groove Armada's Remember,  I still love the album it's on Love box. Very chill and very harmonic. Beautiful. Some other names we'd listen to were Faithless, Moby and Kosheen. 

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