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Musical Monday: Soundtrack of my life III

It has been difficult for me to choose songs. I think I've re-written this post over the last couple of weeks about five times. I want to give you an overall impression but I also want to listen important songs ánd important artists. I seem to be always thinking I am leaving something very important out. I guess I will always do. So you're going to have to be happy with an incomplete list. Today I'll take you back to the first part of my high-school period. I listened to mainstream music, but did have a tendency to go towards RnB and rap. So here's some.

Enrique Iglesias - Hero
I still get taken in by the voice of this man. It's just so.. I don't know how to call it. Sensual? Maybe it just brings back memories. This song in particular, I was crazy about it. Mostly because of the video though. It could make me cry. So sad... :'(

Alicia Keys - Fallin'
When I first heard this song I was utterly taken by it. I think this was the last single I ever bought. Because Alicia Keys was so unknown, there wasn't even an album yet, but I had to have this song. I bought the CD afterwards too.  And her next album as well. Plus I've been to concert, in what was it,m 2003?Though I think her music never had the same quality as did Songs in A Minor. I stopped listening somewhere along the way.

Christina Aguilera - Dirrty
Little girls grow up. So did Christina Aguilera. And I did with her, though not as drastically. Dirtiest I got was listening to this song, almost secretly in my room. Because liking Christina Aguilera was kind of not done. But I did like her, well, her music anyway.

Nelly - E.I. 
In 2002 we moved. I was so lucky I got to trade in my childish room for a girlish room. I bought some postcards featuring some of my favorite artists. I never noticed when I bought them, but they all had their shirts off, showing their abs and being really cool. Of course, when we gave people the grand tour of the house, I got some (very funny...ha...ha...ha..) remarks about it. Ah well, they actually really did look very fine. One of these was Nelly. My friends were all crazy about him. Nelly was supposedly the perfect man. I did not agree so much, though I did like the music a lot. Most of the music I listened to came with a 'parental advisory' sticker. I never really understood why, probably because most of the time I had no idea what was being said. Some of these songs, when I hear the censured version on YouTube I get a better idea. Yet, with this song, I still have no idea. What the heck is he saying? Why does he pretend to be a donkey? Ah well, who cares?

Eminem - Lose yourself.
I still think Eminem is a great rapper. I liked to listen to his music a lot. Of course I thought all the fuss he made a bit drama-queen-like, and a huge cry for attention. But I have always been able to look beyond such things.
This song is from his movie, one I saw with my sister, which was fun.

So, how are you liking my little lists? Does it take you down a trip down memory lane too? What did you listen to, those early years of your highschool period? And what did you listen to during the first few years of this new millennium?

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