maandag 3 maart 2014

Musical Monday: Soundtrack of my life II

Somewhere in the '90s, I think it must have been 1995 or 1996 we got TMF (the Dutch version of MTV). I loved to watch all these music video's. I think it influenced a lot of the music I liked and listened to. Let's go back to my early teens. The time of boybands, BFF's, girlpower and screaming girls. Prepare for the worst. ;)

Backstreet Boys - We've got it going on
I told you, boybands. The BSB were my first musical love. I was crazy about Brian, (though during that time I had great difficulties spelling is name). We had a video-casette on which we'd tape everything that concerned the band, special shows on TMF, their new music video's and a really cool making of the Everybody video (which I still think is awesome). YouTube tends to forget those first glorious days of the group, when there was still some funk in their songs. Don't you just love these video's, where five little boys are so full of their selves, in their over-sized sweaters, jeans-blouses and backside caps. With that cute little rap in the middle and those crazy dance-moves. So cute.

Spice Girls - Spice up your life
And then there were these really cool English girls, with their high heels, short skirts, ponytails and attitude. Looking back I find it kind of creepy that these grown women act like little girls. And that little girls loved these women dressed up like bimbo's. Ah well, we'll never know what the heck we were thinking. The Spice Girls were just mayor Cool. Everyone had a favorite they'd want to be. I liked Posh the best, probably by lack of something more suitable. Though I have to admit, these girls knew how to party.

Shania Twain - That don't impress me much
I don't know what it was, but for a moment there I enjoyed Shania Twain a lot. Maybe it was her cool attitude. Maybe it was the leopard-print outfit she had in this clip. Maybe it was the fact that she mentioned Brad Pitt in this song. I just liked her. Though, where all my friends loved the BSB and the Spice Girls with me, I believe I was rather alone in this one.

Christina Aguilera
Do you remember these days that there were innocent schoolgirls on the TV singing sweet little tunes? All blonde, adorable, virgin and all? I never really liked Britney, but I did like Christina. I have to admit, I still like Christina.

Ricky Martin - Maria
There was a time where I learned my first words in Spanish. And I have Ricky to thank for it. No, I still don't know what the heck he is singing about, apart from one, two, three and some girl named Maria, who I suspect he really likes. Ah, those days when Ricky Martin was a real womanizer.

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