maandag 3 februari 2014

Musical Monday: Soundtrack of my life I

In 2011 Andrea Corr published an album called Lifelines. It consists only of cover versions of songs that play a special role in her life. My old Note-Ations NW team has opened a threat in which they post their very own songs. I'd like to place mine here, but only a few at a time, so I have some time to think about it. Because, it turns out, this is rather difficult.

First off, the songs that remind me of my childhood.

Paul Simon - The Obvious Child.
This song reminds me of nice sunday evenings, when dad would bake pancakes or poffertjes, or wentelteefjes, which playing music, very loud, and all the family dancing on it. There were a few albums he'd love, this was one of them. Others were Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, or Genesis. 

Kate Bush - Running up that hill.
I think Kate Bush was the first artist I claimed to be a fan of. I loved this song so much, I wanted to learn the lyrics. So I'd run up and down the room, pausing the song and remembering what she sung, write it down, and run back to listen to some lines more. I just knew how to write, I did not know any English...

Michael Jackson - They don't care about us.
What can I say? It's Michael. 

Elton John - Crocodile Rock.
My mom played this song once, very loud, and when we were dancing to it, she explained what the word crocodile meant in Dutch. And thus I have loved it so much, I proposed my teacher I'd choreograph a song to it, which I did and me and my friends performed it, mostly laying on the ground and pretending to be crocodiles.

No Doubt - Don't speak. 
After we were able to receive TMF (the Dutch version of MTV) on our TV, we were obsessed with music video's. This song is one of the songs and video's that made an impact, especially to my sister. We'd use to playback to songs, and she was so lucky to have nice, long, blond, hair so she could playback to Gwen Stefani. I really envied her.  

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