maandag 2 december 2013

Musical Monday: Top 2000

Het is weel top 2000 stemtijd. Joepie!!
Ik heb een lijstje samengesteld, eigenlijk gewoon ter plekke, maar ik ben er wel heel blij mee. Het zijn 20 liedjes. 5 maandagen in december. Dus 4 liedjes per keer. Gewoon, omdat het leuk is.
It's voting time for the top 2000*. I made a list while, right there, but I am very happy with it. There are 20 songs. And 5 mondays in december. So 4 songs a time. Just, because it's fun. 

*The top 2000 is an initiative by the Dutch radio-station Radio 2. Each year, people can vote for their favorite tracks of all time. Votes are counted and then there is a list of the 2000 songs Dutch people like most. The entire list is aired, non-stop, between Christmas and New Year. 

The Andrew Sisters - Rum and Coca Cola (1945)
Vrije keuze

Peggy Lee - Fever (1958)

Nina Simone - Don't let me be misunderstood (1964)

Louis Armstrong - Hello Dolly (1964)

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