zaterdag 28 september 2013

Show 'n Tell: The Bee Squad

Nerd Wars has one month off between each tournament. Which is now. Then, there are some in between fun times, like the cute critter wars. Our group of Dutch/Belgian amigurumi crocheters decided to join as a team for the second time. I haven't been around much, crocheting critters. But I did do some work. Because bees are critters. And because bees are cute. So I made a little army of bees. Led by their queen of course.

They have a permanent place in front of our window, keeping us save from infiltrators and other scumbags. Though I wonder how much good they will do, because they look like they've been sucking on some pesticides.

 The pattern is from Wooly Toons (you know, the same as the little weird mouse). 

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