maandag 16 september 2013

Musical Monday: Shakira

I've been cold for about the last two weeks. Where did summer go? I really wish to have summer here a bit longer. So recap some of that summery spirit and listen to some summery music. Like Shakira.

Yeah, I know, Shakira is a bit, uhm.. too popular? Strange? Not my ordinary taste of music? I know. But I really love her funk.

In fact, I have been loving her funk for a whole lotta time. In fact, this is an ancient and very strange story. Ancient, because I was still in high school, which seems like ages ago. And strange because well... lemme 'splain.
During this time of my life I sought new contacts through the internet. Pen-pals, only mostly through e-mail. I've had a wonderful friendship with a boy from Togo (Africa) and some random chats with people who, after two or three e-mails, didn't really know what to talk about anymore. One of these 'friendship-flings' was with a girl who lived in Italy, but was originally from Cuba. I remember her telling me she liked nerdy boys and thought glasses were sexy  (which I now, agree upon). She told me she very much liked music from Latin America, because that was were her roots lay. She was very fond of some singer called Shakira. I had never heard of the name before, though aparently she was big. In south America, but she was on her way becoming a big star in the USA also. So maybe, I though, in time we'd know about her music here too.

This was the time where downloading was just beginning and accepted illegal. So I downloaded some. And while I was doing so, I swear, MTV or something just aired a new song, from some new artist, who apparently was already huge in the USA. And no, I'm not kidding, but this was Whenever, wherever. Yes, frickin' way... And I thought she was frickin' awesome.

Not so long ago I started listening to her newest album, Sale el Sol and I have been loving it. Not all of it. As I said, I love her funk. The slow songs work on my nerves.

Some Shakirinfo: Shakira was born in Colombia with a Lebanese father and a Catalan-Italian mother. She is one of 7 children. At a very young age she started to write poems, taught herself to play guitar and not much later she combined the two in writing her own songs.
It is said Shakira was rejected from the school-choir because they didn't know what to do with her strong voice, something I can fully understand.
She was only 13 when she her debut album was released (Magia), though this album did not bring her much succes. Not lot after she brought out Peligro, which too wasn't a commercial success, maybe because Shakira refused to advertise it. After this album she decided to graduate from high school before going any further in her career. After this her third album Pies descalzos was released, which ultimately brought her fame in Latin America. More albums followed.
In 2001 she decided to do a crossover album and decided to translate songs from her previous albums in English, which the help of Gloria Estefan, though later she realized she wanted new songs and thus wrote them, which appeared on Laundry Service, which brought her worldwide fame.

As said, I love Shakira's funk. Her songs make me happy. Her sound is original and her lyrics often ironic. Did I mention I love her funk?

Shakira ft. Dizzee Rascal - Loca 

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