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Musical Monday: 5x music

Nerd Wars tournament 9 is in full preparation. This time I decided to join a new team, Team Note-Ations, which is all about music. The tournament starts October 1st, but we're in full excitement for it to begin. We're a fun bunch of people together, very varied in music-taste, so it's going to be a good lot of fun.

(If you're a knitter or crocheter and would like to parttake in the Nerd Wars, you can still subscribe till next week).
To celebrate music I decided to do a little list of music, about music. Because well, music is fun. :)
Again, in no particular order:

Madonna - Music (2000)

This song is a high-school classic. I believe the first time I heard the song, and saw the clip I was all like...... (imagine enlarged eyes, and a jaw dropping). Then I started to apreciate it. The clip is so over the top, it's funny.
In fact, the song is a kind of historical one, because back before it was released it was stolen and fragments up to 3 minutes were distributed through the internet. Which made Madonna rather angry. Thus resulting in an active campaign against music piracy through mediums like Napster (remember those times?). 

Cansei der Sexy - Music is my hot hot sex (2006)

Apparently in 2007 Lief noticed the song used in some Apple commercial. He decided to search the internet what song it was. It was this one. Cansei der Sexy (or CSS) is a Brazilian band, not very widely known.
The story goes some 18 year old student made an amateur commercial for Apple using the song and posted it on the internet. Apple actually picked it up and contacted this boy to professionally make it and broadcast it world wide. That the song used also featured a Zune advertisement in 2006, they forgot, or didn't care about.
Whatever. The song is hot.

Abba - Thank you for the music (1983)

O yeah, Abba, great fun. And they're right you know. 
This song was the first song intended for a mini-musical, called The Girl with the golden hair, which never actually happened. The 4th song for this musical, actually was never released at all. Nowadays the song is mostly known for it's use in the musical Mamma mia!

Rihanna - Don't stop the music (2007)

I love Rihanna. Don't ask me why. This song's title fits perfectly in todays theme, even though the song is more about two people who meet on the dancefloor and just want the night to last a little longer.
Fun story about this song: the line 'Mama-say, mama-sa, ma-ma-ko-ssa' (mamma appelsap), from Michael Jackson's Wanna be starting somethin' was used. Jackson actually is mentioned as one of the co-writers of the song, though I am not sure if that's only because of this line, or if he actually helped a bit more. Jackson was previously sued for using the line by Manu Dibango, who claimed he used the line before in his own song Soul Makossa. Jackson eventually settled out of court, because apparently he did use Dibango's line. Though when Rihanna asked Jackson permission to use the line, he approved without consulting Dibango, giving the latter another chance to earn some money in court.

Stardust - Music sounds better with you (1998)

Seriously, the only song the band Stardust has ever made. Not as strange as it might sound, as the three man came up with the song while playing live and the next day recorded it. It isn't a very..uhm..complicated song. But it's fun. One of these men is half of Daft Punk, the other two aspired a solo-career, thus there was not cause to go on together. 

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